Why Pinterest is an 'Online Oasis'​

The internet isn’t always a nice place to be, unfortunately. There are some platforms, however, that have a strong focus on being positive, supportive, educational, and empowering. Pinterest, in my option, is leading the pack in this.

In fact, just about nine in ten regular pinners consider Pinterest to be an 'online oasis', offering positive inspiration and motivation.

Not only is this great for creators and consumers, but it’s also great for brands. After all, positive mindsets build brand trust and increase purchase intent.

But why is Pinterest considered an 'online oasis'? And how did they create it?

Let’s dive in and have a look.

What is an online oasis?

Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook can often be toxic spaces, spreading the negative aspects of a more connected world.

But there are spaces, however, that have created sharing communities that are more focused on authenticity, honesty, and showing glimpses into people honest lives that on the one hand offers people a chance to relate on a more personal level, and on the other, a place for people to show a bit more of themselves without the vitriol that you would expect from Twitter or Facebook.

Instagram stories, Snapchat, and to a certain extent TikTok, all offer this more honest space that is being so coveted by the younger generations. The fact that the stories are impermanent snapshots gives people the opportunity to be more honest.

This is exactly the space that Pinterest has started to prove itself in, capitalizing on its large userbase and positive reputation, the focus is now on building on this moving forward…

Creator Code

Earlier this year Pinterest outlined its new mandatory set of guidelines, the Creator Code, for the world to see. It was a very clear statement of Pinterest’s intention to educate its creators and build a community that is focused on inclusivity and compassion.

This is the next step that follows from previous tools implemented by Pinterest like their misinformation policies and compassionate searches. These are all aimed at creating a more positive space on the internet. An 'online oasis', if you will.

And the great thing is, it’s working!

A new focus on creators

Positivity has always been the focus for Pinterest, and this is being carried forward with its growth of creator content.

At the forefront of this new focus is the new creator fund, which is designed to elevate and promote creators from communities that are underrepresented. This fund not only provides financial incentives and support for these creators but also educational support.

Pinterest is positioning itself as a haven for creators, and they are putting up the money to support this too.

Final Thoughts

Pinterest has done a fantastic job of creating a safe and positive space for users and brands alike. Their continued efforts to protect and promote this is exactly what makes Pinterest an 'online oasis', and why more and more people are drawn to the platform each year.

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