What’s in Store for Pinterest in 2022

It’s always exciting to see the new features, and new primary focuses for Pinterest at their annual Creators’ Festival, and this year was no different!

There are some big new things to come in 2022 with a major focus being on content creators.

Let’s have a look in more detail…

Creator Reward Program

The Creator Reward Program sees a massive push from Pinterest to directly support their creators and help monetize content.

Essentially, it will be a creator hub that puts out briefs for content around what is trending. Not only will this give creators a chance to make a little extra income, but it will also be a very easy way to see what kind of content they should be putting out to match trends. A very exciting prospect all around for content creators.

Pinterest is putting their money where their mouth is for this too and are investing $20 million into the program. This is a massive jump from previous investments they’ve outlined for content creation and one that will have a huge impact.

Profiles Tab

This is a small addition but reinforces Pinterest’s new focus on creators. Profiles will now be a tab in the search options, meaning when you search for a topic you will also be able to see individual profiles that relate to that topic.

This is a subtle change but one that speaks volumes to the direction Pinterest wants to move in.

Having creator profiles be searchable in direct correlation to trend topics will help drive not only traffic but also help creatives build and grow individual followings.

Idea Pins

As a direct reaction to the Pinterest audience getting younger, but a want to differentiate themselves, Story Pins are now evolving to Idea Pins.

The pitch from Pinterest is that Idea Pins are to create “long-lasting ideas not ephemeral stories”.

New publishing tools for a video-first approach and more powerful editing tools are also being provided, further reinforcing Pinterest’s intentions here.

This will come as no surprise given the growing popularity of Pinterest among Gen Z, and the way in which they consume content. Read my article Why Gen Z Love Pinterest.

There are some exciting things that can come from this, particularly for brands too. For example, Try On is one of the first AR integrations on Pinterest, allowing users to 'try on' lipstick (or one of 10,000 other products!) before they purchase. The growth potential for this area alone could be massive.

Watch Feed

Another big change sees Pinterest adding a new way to consume its content – Watch.

You will have the option to continue in the traditional ‘Browse’ mode that we all know and love, or switch over to the ‘Watch’ mode, which follows the growing popularity of the TikTok style vertical feed.

‘Watch’ will allow users to vertically scroll both video and image content, another clear reaction to their growing younger demographic.


As it has been for the last couple of years, video, in particular, has been a big focus for Pinterest and will continue to be in 2022. Just about all of their new features are centered around video first content.

Nearly 1 billion videos are watched each day on Pinterest, so it should come as no surprise that this is a big area of focus for the company.

Final Thoughts

If there is one thing Pinterest has made clear for its 2022 goals its creator-driven content will be king. What’s particularly exciting about this is the level of support that will come with it. In true Pinterest fashion, they are dedicated to helping create an online space that has a positive impact on all who enjoy it.

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