Is it Worth Running Paid Ads on Pinterest?

Which paid ads platform performs the best for your business, perhaps it´s Facebook, Instagram or Google Adwords? You might have tested other platforms but didn't get the kind of conversions that you expect so you stick to what you know works. But what if I told you that Pinterest could outperform the other platforms not only short term but have long lasting results?

Why are Pinterest ads so good?

1. They're cheaper.

You might already know that Pinterest ads are usually cheaper than other platforms but you might not realize how much cheaper the prices for traffic can actually go. If you search in Google ´what is the cheapest cost per click of Pinterest Ads?´ you will see a price of $0.10. But what if I told you that with the right targeting you can actually achieve a price of $0.01 or lower? See my article: How to get ´Crazy´ Cheap Pinterest Ads. It's also worth noting that the cost per click price you are seeing in your Pinterest analytics is only the cost per pin click, not the price per outbound click. If you are paying $0.10 CPC then you could actually be paying up to $1 CPC! See my article How to calculate the Cost Per Outbound Cilck on Pinterest. You need to make sure that your ads are enticing enough the user to not only click on your pin but to also click from your pin through to your website. The cost per outbound click will inevitably be higher but it is also possible to get this price down to as low as $0.02 which is still incredibly low (see below):

2. They're native

"Native advertising (n): a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it was placed.

When a user is searching for a topic or even when they are just browsing, the ads appear naturally and seamlessly alongside organic pins. The ads don’t appear imposing at all, in fact the user won´t usually recognize the difference between an organic and promoted pin. As long as your targeting is accurate, the user will find your pin very relevant to the topic they are searching for and will be just as likely to click through as if it were an organic pin. This differs from Google paid ads because I don´t know about you, but when I search on Google, I usually skip the ads and go straight for the organic results.

3. The results are long lasting.

I recently watched an interview with Nick Jenkins, the owner of Moonpig who explained that with most businesses, when you turn the marketing tap off, the sales stop. However, with Moonpig, whenever someone sends a card, they are effectively promoting the service to the person who receives the card too, creating free organic marketing! He said that for a year the company didn't spend any money on marketing but the company kept growing, and that´s when he realized that he was on to something special. I related to this concept because this is exactly how I think Pinterest works. If you spend money on promoted pins then you are not only bringing in traffic from the ads, but you are boosting the pin to ultimately become viral and create permanent FREE traffic. See my article How to create viral pins using paid ads. This doesn't happen with any other social platform or Google ads either.

So in conclusion, yes if you do it right, Pinterest paid ads are definitely worth it! However your strategy needs to be completely tailored towards the Pinterest platform. It is quite different to advertising via a social platform like Facebook or PPC ads via Google. Read my articles below to find out more about how to effectively advertise on Pinterest to get the lowest cost, highest converting traffic whilst building long-term organic growth:

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