How to Turn Your Static Pins into Video Pins and is it Worth it?

If you’re a Canva user, you’re probably aware that you can create video pins. However, are you aware that there are several unique ways to do this? And are videos better than static pins? I have summarized below:

Firstly, here are 3 ways to create a video pin on Canva:

1. Adding a stock video to your pin.

Canva actually have a pretty good selection of stock videos which you can add to your pins. Try experimenting with different keywords to find a video that’s right for your pin. You can also upload your own video which you have created yourself or gathered from another source.

2. Using the ‘animate’ tool.

By clicking on the ‘animate’ button, you will be presented with various options such as stomp, breathe, slide and more. You can either use this on just one pin OR create a video sequence of various slides by adding more pins and saving as one MP4 file. The default timer is set to 5 seconds for each slide, but you can increase or decrease this as required. Did you know that you can also add music to your video? ♬ Canva provides a great selection of royalty free music or you can upload your own MP3.

3. Adding a ‘sticker’ to your pin.

Simply search under the ‘elements’ section and add the keyword ‘sticker’, or use the filter button to select ‘animated’. I really like this option for creating pins that look like normal pins, but will start moving when the user is scrolling down the feed. I tend to use an animated pin about 10% of the time, mixed in with normal static pins. You can also double up on the pin itself, by saving and scheduling it once as a static pin and once as an animation pin

Are static or video pins better?

It depends on your goals and the type of product or service you are promoting. If you're selling physical products via paid ads then you are likely to benefit from video ads. However it does depend on the type of product. For example, if the product can be demonstrated such as a cleaning gadget then videos are best. However, if it is a home décor product then a static pin is probably better. Usually the best strategy is to use a combination of static pins and video pins.

Which is better for viral pins?

People tend to save static pins rather than video pins. Whereas video pins tend to have a higher CTR and are more likely to convert into sales. However, people are more likely to save a static pin to their board in order to gather inspiration. The more saves a pin has, the more likely it is to go viral.

How about videos for Idea pins?

Videos are great for Idea pins! You can include up to 20 slides for your idea pin and this can be either static images, videos or both. Idea pins have a very high number of impressions at the start but tend to have a shorter life-cycle than normal pins and they also have a lower save rate too (unless the idea is really useful and the user wants to save it for future reference). This means that you can use videos freely as you don’t have to be concerned so much with the pin going viral long term.

♬ Should you include sound in your videos?

When people are scrolling through the Pinterest feed, they won’t hear the sound on your video unless they physically click on it. So, you shouldn’t really include a voice-over or a video of a person talking. It is actually better to include written captions. However, if you want to include music then that’s fine, and the user will hear the music if they click on the pin.

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