How to get FREE Traffic on Pinterest

Most businesses who are new to Pinterest will recognize two ways of gaining traffic. The first is organic traffic, but lately you would have to be very lucky to gain anything more than a few outbound clicks per new pin unfortunately. The second is paid ads, where you will pay per outbound click to your website. (If you are only seeing the CPC, shown as ‘Cost per result’ on your analytics, then check out my article HOW to calculate the Cost per outbound click on Pinterest). However, there is another way to gain, free, relevant, actively shopping customers to your website for YEARS. I am talking about viral pins!

What are viral pins?

When you think of the word ‘viral’ on Social Media, you think of a post or video that has gained a lot of likes, comments and shares within a short space of time. But going viral on Pinterest I mean something quite different. Pins can go temporarily viral, yes – but often pins can gain momentum for months or even YEARS, leading to hundreds or even thousands of FREE traffic every month! And the best news is, you can have many pins that are viral at the same time!

How much traffic can it bring to your website per month?

The first Shopify store I set up a few years ago now gets around 64,000 visitors per month, solely from Pinterest organic pins. As you can see by the screenshot below, from 12th Sept until today (12th Oct), I have just over 2K organic outbound clicks to my site per day, split between standard and product pins. And the best news is, these are from customers who are actively seeking or browsing the products, and also mostly from the USA (because most Pinterest users live in the USA). Usually, with paid ads, USA customers are the most expensive to target, but with organic traffic, I do not have to be concerned with the cost!

So how do you get viral pins?

Well, firstly it does take time. Pinterest is definitely a ‘slow burner’ so you will not see instant results. It does take a few years of creating lots of different pins to see these kinds of results. However, they can be boosted with paid ads. The good thing about paid ads is that you can use them to either create instant outbound traffic to your site, AND you can use them to boost the organic growth of the pins; see my article How to create viral pins using paid ads.

But what happens when a pin stops going viral?

Once a pin has gained momentum, it can certainly slow down. But because it will have had many saves and clicks overall, it will always be considered a priority pin by the Pinterest algorithm. This means that when a user is searching for the particular topic, the more traction a pin has had over time, the more that pin will show up in search results. Also, different pins are top performers each month – so if you have lots of pins, you will always have ‘star performers’. So you should not need to worry about pins losing momentum because there will always be other pins to take their place as the front runners.

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