How to Create Viral Pins on Using Paid Ads

If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while and you’ve noticed a drop in your organic reach for new pins then you are not alone. Unless you have a Shopify store and have recently installed a new ‘Shop’ with the Pinterest App, or you are focusing heavily on Idea pins, then you will probably see a steady decline in your impressions, pin clicks, and outbound clicks.

Why has there been a drop?

Pinterest often change their strategy and currently they are favoring Idea pins and shop pins. They also want businesses to spend money on advertising, and more businesses are now investing into paid ads. You will notice that on your own personal feed there are lots more promoted pins mixed in with organic pins. Also, if you are pinning the same pin to lots of different boards (on Tailwind), then these pins will often get little or no impressions because Pinterest want new, original content. For all of these reasons, your regular pins are receiving less reach unfortunately.

So how do you get more reach?

You can start by running ad campaigns on new pins. Even if you just spend $1, you'll probably get as much initial organic reach as you previously saw with new pins in the past. It is obviously annoying that you have to pay for something which you previously got for free, but this was always inevitable as more and more businesses are using Pinterest paid ads as part of their marketing strategy. You should also work on trying to get the lowest CPC for your campaigns. With various techniques it is possible to get as low as $0.001! See my article 6 Hacks to get the LOWEST CPC on Pinterest.

But how do you actually make a pin go viral?

When you analyze the performance of the campaigns, you should look out for the ‘saves’ and also the ‘earned’ impressions. If you are ‘earning’ results then this is an indication that the pin has potential to go viral. This means that lots of people are saving the pin to their boards. Usually, the more people are saving the pin to their boards, the less people are clicking through to your website. People are saving various pins to add to their visual mood board rather than looking for a particular product to buy right now or find an immediate solution to a problem. This will mean that your cost per outbound click is higher unfortunately. (See my article How to calculate the Cost Per Outbound Click on Pinterest). BUT, the more people save your pin, and the more your pin is ‘earning’, the more likely it is to go viral. This means that you no longer need to pay for traffic, but you are getting traffic for FREE for months even YEARS!

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