6 Hacks to get the LOWEST CPC on Pinterest

As the owner of Pintastic Advertising, I have spent years perfecting the skill of how to get the lowest CPC on Pinterest. CPC is one of the key metrics that I really focus on because of course, the more clicks a Pin gets, the more chance the client has to make conversions (sales/affiliate sales / sign-ups). Typically, a low CPC will also mean that the other metrics such as CTR, CPM, CPA, and ROAS are also very good.

What is the definition of CPC on Pinterest?

A click on Pinterest is when a user clicks on your Pin. BUT it doesn’t mean that the person will necessarily click through to your website. If your Pin is interesting enough then the person will click through to your website and this is classed as an “outbound click”. Typically, outbound clicks are about half of the Pin clicks. For example, if your Pin received 50 Pin clicks, then about 25 people will have clicked through to your website. However, sometimes this can be a much higher rate of up to around 75% or a much lower rate of around 10%. If the outbound click rate is too low then this means that there is something wrong with the Pin / Pin description and there will be a reason why the user doesn’t want to click through to the website.

Check out these 6 hacks to get the LOWEST possible CPC on Pinterest!

1. Create Pins that have a high level of interest. The topic or product itself has to be as interesting/unique/appealing as possible. This can sometimes be difficult to determine before testing a campaign. You can go by gut instinct and also analyze the competition but usually, the best way to find out is by testing a campaign.

2. Learn how targeting really works. It’s super important to target the right audience at the right time. Many people get the targeting wrong on Pinterest because they assume it’s similar to Facebook advertising. However, Pinterest is primarily a search engine. Rather than blanket target an audience who might have a general interest in the category, it is much more effective to target people who are actively searching for your offering. Delving deep into the meaning and consequences of each individual setting on the ad campaigns goes a long way to being successful in targeting.

3. Create as many pins as possible. More is more on Pinterest both for organic and paid ads. The ideal number of Pins per campaign is 10 and these can be a mixture of image/video / plain photographs/text-based Pins depending on the topic. Some people spend ages creating one perfect Pin or video and think that it will be a winner. However, this is quite risky and a waste of budget. It is better to have as much variety as possible and then Pinterest will automatically prioritize the most popular Pins based on a very sophisticated “smart” algorithm.

4. Invest in quality Pin design. The higher quality of Pin design, the better. This not only means that more people will be attracted to the Pin and inclined to click through, they will also be more inclined to save it to their board. People love to have pretty boards filled with beautiful images. Home decor, fashion, hair, weddings, food are good examples of people using their boards as a digital mood board to gather inspiration. Saved Pins are great because it means that the Pin is getting more exposure and free traffic, and the results will also be recorded as part of the campaign. It also means that the pin has more chance of going viral, which means exponential free traffic over time.

5. Invest time into analysis and testing. There are lots of ways to analyze the results of your campaigns and it’s even possible to drill down to particulars such as the performance of your Pins on certain devices, age groups, keywords, and more. Then you can use this information to make certain changes to your campaigns. You can also split test in many ways just by making one small change to a campaign. The more you analyze and test your campaigns, the better your results will be.

6. Don’t blow your budget at the start. Many people start with huge budgets, assuming that similarly to Facebook that you need to spend a lot to gather data. However, it really isn’t necessary. The best way is to start with smaller budgets, test multiple campaigns and settings, then scale the budget over time. This ensures the absolute best value for money and gives you much more chance of figuring out how to achieve the lowest potential CPC.

But what if you get a really low CPC but no conversions?

Well, this could be for a number of factors. Usually, it comes down to the offering itself / website design/lack of customer desire/competition. Typically if a client has good conversions from Facebook, Google, or other channels and a really nicely designed website then the conversions will also be good on Pinterest. However, if the business is new and there is little proof of conversions from other channels then it’s likely that are general business issues to fix first before investing heavily into Pinterest advertising.

Is it worth hiring a Pinterest marketing agency to get the best results?

It really depends on your business. Many larger companies spend money on Pinterest ad campaigns which are managed by an internal marketing exec or an external advertising agency. However, the main problem is that not many people are pure Pinterest specialists. They are usually experts in Facebook advertising or other channels and don’t really understand Pinterest to its fullest potential and all of the nuances involved in targeting. Often companies waste time and money on Pinterest and when they don't achieve the results they are looking for, they use it as an extra resource rather than the main focus. A niche Pinterest agency will put Pinterest at the forefront of your business, ensuring the very best results.

Is an agency accountable for results?

Most agencies will charge for the work completed but if the results are not what you expected, then you still have to pay the agency. However, here at Pintastic Advertising, we do things completely differently! If you have already tried running paid ad campaigns, we are so confident that we can improve your results that we offer a full money-back guarantee!

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