3 Reasons to use Meme Marketing on Pinterest

Meme Marketing - have you heard of it?

Well, it's a big thing and many companies are realizing the power of memes to capture emotions and generate engagement on social media. But I bet you've never heard of meme marketing on Pinterest? 🤩 Here are 3 reasons why you should try it!

1. They grab attention

When people are browsing on Pinterest, they tend to scroll fast and only stop at images or videos that really capture their attention. The best memes on Pinterest not only grab attention with a bold image, but they are also immediately relatable and capture the required emotion.

2. It's a secret hack

No one really knows about it. So, when users are searching or browsing a particular topic, there probably won't be any other memes that appear in their feed. This means that your meme will stand out in the crowd more than ever because it's so unique!

3. They can get AMAZING paid ads results for any type of business

Pinterest is amazing for image-based niches such as home decor, art, food, and fashion. But what about businesses that don't fit into these categories? You can try a traditional graphic & text pin template but you won't get great results. However, memes can work for every type of business if you get it right, even B2B! As an example above, I use memes to run paid ads for my own Pinterest marketing agency (Pintastic Advertising), and manage to achieve a CTR of 7%, which is almost unheard of in any niche on Pinterest, never mind B2B! Bearing in mind the average CTR for Pinterest paid ads is 0.2%, this is really outstanding! And because the CTR is so great, then it also achieves a CPC of $0.01 🏆

Does every meme work? No, it can take a lot of experimentation. Not just with how to use memes but also how to create a winning paid ad campaign. Check out my other blog posts for more Pinterest marketing expert tips!